The London Interview

“With Parkinson’s disease, rhythm can help you walk and singing can help you speak” EPDA InterviewsAuthor: Johanna Stiefler Johnson London, 16 September 2021 Music and creative writing are my toolkit to communicate and educate the public“ Gerald Ganglbauer Tell us about yourself and your experience of Parkinson’s disease. The shortest answer to this question is that… The London Interview weiterlesen

Unite for Parkinson’s

Gerald Ganglbauer reveals challenges of early-onset Parkinson’s and calls for Parkinsong support EPDA NewsAuthor: Christy McGhee London, 5 April 2018 Australian-Austrian writer and president of the Parkinsonline (PON), Gerald Ganglbauer talks to the EPDA about early-onset Parkinson’s, the importance of honesty, and the Parkinsong Duets project.“ Society has not accepted Parkinson’s as a condition for people under 65.… Unite for Parkinson’s weiterlesen